Should You Trust Rice To Fix A Wet Phone?

DeviceDryer fix a wet phone

fix a wet phoneDoes rice REALLY fix a wet phone?

Your phone just did its best Michael Phelps impression. It was not a good one. Now you’re scrambling to fix it before permanent damage sets in. Time is of the essence! So first thing’s first: does rice really fix a wet phone?

Kind of.

Rice works in a pinch if you have nothing better on hand (more on that in a bit). Turn off your phone, remove the battery and SIM card, and grab a sealable bag. Put some rice in the bag, then add your soaked phone. This can buy you some time.

But here’s the thing. Rice is a temporary solution. Think of it like putting your finger you just chopped off on ice. That’ll work for a minute, but the finger still needs to be reattached by the doctor.

If rice is the ice in this scenario, then say hello to your phone’s doctor: Device Dryer.

Device Dryer is what we, the nerdy phone savers of the world, call a desiccant. This is a big, fancy word that basically means it makes things dry. Exactly how dry, you ask?

Device Dryer is silica-based. Silica  absorbs moisture REALLY well. As a matter of fact, it works 7.5 times better than Snap, Crackle, Pop, and all other types of rice .

And this is great news for you and your phone. Instead of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a new one, having Device Dryer ready when the phone goes for a swim could stop damage in its tracks by drying it fast.

The faster you act, the more your phone will thank you. Check out DeviceDryer here.


4 thoughts on “Should You Trust Rice To Fix A Wet Phone?

  1. Lori Crumrin says:

    My iphone laid in a mud puddle for 3 hours, yes 3 hours because I did not realize I was missing it (long story). Anyway, I called my insurance to get a replacement phone on the way and the lady I talked with mentioned Device Dry. When I went to my local cell phone provider about an hour later to get a loaner, I also stopped by Wal-Mart and bought a bag of Device Dry. I thought what the heck, worth a try. Within a few hours of having it in the bag, it definitely was working, not full blown, but could get to things. Here it is 2 days later and honestly my phone is working great, I would have never believed it!! Device dry is truly amazing!! I have told everyone about it!!!

  2. Luis says:

    I have an iPhone 5 my screen got wet and water got inside the screen, I have purchase the device dryer would it clear the water off my screen

  3. Joe Haggenjos says:

    Hi Luis, thanks for the comment and sorry to hear water got inside your iPhone 5. There’s still a chance you can dry it with Device Dryer:

      1.) Place your phone inside the Device Dryer bag and carefully seal the bag shut.
      2.) Wait 48 hours to achieve maximum dryness. The silicon beads should have absorbed any remaining moisture in this time period (they also will change color to demonstrate this).
      3.) Remove your phone from the Device Dryer bag, plug it in and reset.

    Let me know if you have any luck. With wet devices, time is the main factor working against you. Thankfully, Device Dryer does exactly what it’s meant to do: remove all moisture from sensitive electronic devices.

    Digital Innovations

  4. Joe Haggenjos says:


    I am thrilled to hear your iPhone has fully recovered from its mud bath. If your friends have any questions about Device Dryer before buying, have them drop me a line at Thanks for the story!

    Digital Innovations

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